LG Claims Aussies Prefer Its 3D TVs

LG Claims Aussies Prefer Its 3D TVs
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LG’s study of 4060 Australians across the country suggests that it’s the preferred brand of 3D LCD TV against models from Samsung and Sony. It’s also expanding its Smart TV range, adding Red Bull TV to its services.

LG undertook a double blind study of 3D TVs at multiple locations across Australia, with 4060 participants across Australia in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA. They claim that four out of five people prefer LG 3D LCD TV over 3D LCD models from Sony and Samsung; it’ll now launch a campaign headlined by that “4 out of 5” statistic.

It’s an interesting statistic; I suspect the figure may relate more to LG’s use of passive glasses, which are a little easier on the eyes. I’m not a big fan of 3D (or, in other words, it makes me nauseous), but i’ve noticed that the passive systems make me less nauseous. That’s still not great, but better I suppose.

LG also announced it’s partnering with Oakley on branded passive 3D glasses. At $159.95 a pair, it does rather lose the inexpensive mantra of passive glasses, however. LG’s claim is that the curvature of the Oakley glasses makes them more optically correct than flat passive glasses.

LG also announced that it’s signed up a new partner for its Smart TV services, adding Red Bull, content to its service package. Red Bull TV, not surprisingly, offers Red Bull branded events — not just sports that they’re perhaps best identified with, but also cultural and music events. LG will be the official launch partner of the free service when it launches at the end of the month.