LG Claims Aussies Prefer Its 3D TVs

LG's study of 4060 Australians across the country suggests that it's the preferred brand of 3D LCD TV against models from Samsung and Sony. It's also expanding its Smart TV range, adding Red Bull TV to its services. LG undertook a double blind study of 3D TVs at multiple locations across Australia, with 4060 participants across Australia in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA. They claim that four out of five people prefer LG 3D LCD TV over 3D LCD models from Sony and Samsung; it'll now launch a campaign headlined by that "4 out of 5" statistic.

It's an interesting statistic; I suspect the figure may relate more to LG's use of passive glasses, which are a little easier on the eyes. I'm not a big fan of 3D (or, in other words, it makes me nauseous), but i've noticed that the passive systems make me less nauseous. That's still not great, but better I suppose.

LG also announced it's partnering with Oakley on branded passive 3D glasses. At $159.95 a pair, it does rather lose the inexpensive mantra of passive glasses, however. LG's claim is that the curvature of the Oakley glasses makes them more optically correct than flat passive glasses.

LG also announced that it's signed up a new partner for its Smart TV services, adding Red Bull, content to its service package. Red Bull TV, not surprisingly, offers Red Bull branded events — not just sports that they're perhaps best identified with, but also cultural and music events. LG will be the official launch partner of the free service when it launches at the end of the month.

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    The other good thing about the LG over the offerings from Samsung and Sony is that they offer a 3 year manufacturers warranty on all their LCD/LED LCD panels. Having had a Toshiba LCD (with a Samsung panel) die after 2.5 years, this was the major selling point for me. Samsung and Sony both offer only 1 year warranties.
    The only down side is that LG isn't offering SBS On Demand through Smart TV yet. I would much prefer to see this than Red Bull TV...

    I own a LG lw6500, it's a awesome TV. This TV won due to the passive 3D. I found the picture clear, bright and clean. All so the 3 year warranty was all so a winning factor.

      been thinking of picking up that TV after xmas. I don't really think I would be using the 3D all that much, but the Smart TV aspects of it interests me.

    We replaced our previous Samsung with an LG 3D and Ive been very pleased with it. Although the picture doesn't seem to have quite as much zing as the Samsung I was sold by the fact that if the kids broke a pair of the glasses I wouldnt kill them... And we managed to extend our warranty out to seven years - which at the rate of change today is likely to exceed the lifespan of the technology, if not the TV...

    Screw 3D it looks crap and I can't wear the goggles over my normal glasses. I'll stick with my big time Bravia.

    If they were to do a survey they would probably find 9/10 people don't care about 3D.

    Yep, and if you ask those same people 9/10 of them would say the Ford and Holder are the best cars in the world!

    I have a Sony 3D, because it came with the Playstation and the 2D was better than the 2D only tv, I turn 3D off as guess what I don't care about 3D and don't drive either of those cars.

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