Karaoke With Soulo And Your iPad 2

Karaoke With Soulo And Your iPad 2

With the addition of Soulo’s wireless microphone, the iPad 2 finally becomes a truly portable karaoke solution, freeing the untalented singers of the world from bars and sleazy restaurants. It might even help with their performances too.

Using an included receiver that attaches to the iPad 2’s dock connector, the Soulo mic wirelessly connects to the tablet with a range of about 6m. So while you can’t walk clear across the room with it, you probably couldn’t read the lyrics off the iPad’s display from that distance anyways. But it’s the free Soulo app that really brings the whole Karaoke experience to life.

It comes with a selection of songs that let you turn up the lead vocals if you’re just stumbling through the lyrics, or turn them down when you’re ready for a solo performance. Built-in pitch correction also helps to keep you in tune, while a smattering of real-time effects like echo and reverb help recreate the feel of singing in an empty bar.

The Soulo app can also work with your existing iTunes library, loading the lyrics for songs already in your collection, and attempting to mute the vocals using its Vocal Suppression feature. And when you think you’ve nailed a performance, the iPad 2’s front facing camera can be used to record a music video which can be shared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter directly from the app.

The Soulo wireless mic is available now for $US100, with wired versions running a little cheaper. But the cheapest solution is to just not embarrass yourself in front of your friends and skip the Karaoke altogether.

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