JB Hi-Fi Goes Grey Market

The bricks and mortar retailer has quietly launched an online-only direct sales model, selling DSLR cameras and accessories at first. JB Hi-Fi, best known for its bricks and mortar stores, has launched its own grey market import business, but you'll have to shop online with the company to take advantage of it. Dubbed "direct import", it's currently only offering DSLR cameras, lenses, flashes and grips to consumers. It's even undercutting its own stores in the process; a Nikon D3100 through JB Hi-Fi's online store with a single lens currently lists at $777. The same camera, through direct import on the same site? $596.

Earlier in the year, JB Hi-Fi chairman Patrick Elliott, responding to a question at its annual general meeting, claimed that when it comes to the sale of goods in its stores, it was prepared to go to a “direct import model” if suppliers didn’t reduce the cost price of their goods. Looks like that's exactly what's happened. [JB Hi-Fi via Ozbargain]

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