It's Binary Day (Except That It Isn't!)

Hurrah! It's finally 11/11/11, which makes it Binary Day. I've already seen a whole host of folks hitting social media channels to point this out. Relatively few of them are pointing out that they're wrong, though. Why isn't it binary day, I hear you ask? Simple. Take a look at the date. It's the 11th of November, 2011.

That pesky two! Despite Bender's worst fever dreams, in binary, there is no such thing as two. So, sorry, folks, it's not binary day. I suppose it would have been binary day one thousand years ago, but I'm willing to go out on a limb and suggest that not too many folks back in 1011 were using binary all that much. It probably wasn't celebrated particularly heavily.

It might not be binary day, but it is worth pointing out that it's Remembrance Day — remember your minute's silence at 11am — and then, if you're so inclined, you can join the world's biggest orchestra ten minutes later. Image: Kurtis Scaletta

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