Is This Why Siri Is Only On The iPhone 4S?

When iFixit originally tore down the iPhone 4S, they discovered a sensor whose function they were unsure of. Now they've determined that its an infrared sensor tasked with activating Siri when the phone is held up to your ear. Could it be the reason why Siri is a 4S exclusive?

Sure, Apple could probably just disable the Raise to Speak feature and Siri would mostly work fine on other phones, but this is Apple we're talking about. They obsess around creating experiences, not just introducing new features (whether or not those experiences always work is a whole other story). Maybe they are just trying to entice people over to the iPhone 4S, but either way, it proves that Siri can't fully function on every device. [iFixit via TUAW]


    Isn't this in all iPhones to turn the screen off when on call to stop face-dialling?

    The google search app does the same thing on the iPhone 4/3gs. It either uses the accelerometer or proximity detector.

    Give it a go hold it up to your ear and wait for the beep.

    I think the infrared detector is just a better proximity detector.

    Maybe I misunderstood, but wouldn't the sensor's working overtime be controlled by the iPhone 4S firmware?

      Let me make myself clearer, IE, any iPhone 3G/3GS/4 which all have an IR sensor could just activate the full-time sensor through firmware?

    "They obsess around creating experiences, not just introducing new features "

    They didn't seem to have a problem green-lighting it on the IOS Appstore for the iPhone 4, prior to the 4S's release. So no, it's a bullshit reason so Apple can use Siri as the exclusivity carrot if you pony up for their newest device.

    wait wait wait...... this cant be the "ONLY" or "THE" reason that siri isnt on the older iphones.... if the 4s is turning on the ir sensor everytime the screen is on then its something they have done in software. as im sure someone will beable to hack the older iphones into doing the ir sensor turn on at the same time of the screen...

    So... that leaves other reasons why apple hasnt (or wont) allow siri on the current ipads and older iphones..... less iphone 4s/ipad3 sales.

    its like printer makers... why do i have to update the drivers for windows (x) for a 5 year old printer when im going to harm sales of printer 2011xyz.

    Clutching at the IR sensor/Siri connection being the reason for Siri being '4S only', is like the #OWS observation, that is seems easier to believe that 150,000,000 Americans are lazy, rather than 400 Americans are being greedy.

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