Is Apple Working On An AMD-Powered Air?

Is Apple Working On An AMD-Powered Air?

Do you remember when we thought we’d never see an Intel processor anywhere near a Mac? People think the exact same way about AMD chips at the moment. But rumour has it that Apple might secretly be working on notebooks that use AMD guts.

Currently, all the MacBooks use Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors — and seem to do just fine. But speculation over at Semiaccurate suggests that the most recent refresh of the MacBook range wasn’t quite what we should have expected:

“If you are wondering why the Air wasn’t really revamped much this last time, it is because you are looking at plan B. Plan A was basically a low power [AMD] Llano in an Air shell, and that would have been a really tasty machine.”

It’s debatable quite how tasty that machine would have been. The Llano chip does pack some punch when it comes to graphics processing, but a lot of reviews claim that it can be rather sluggish elsewhere.

Still, if it’s true, it’s interesting to hear that Apple isn’t entirely wedded to Intel. [Semiaccurate via CNET]