iPhone Catches Fire On Aussie Flight

File this one under "quite terrifying", methinks. It's been a long while since you've been allowed to smoke on board any Australian flight, but that didn't stop an iPhone 4 that apparently self-combusted on a Regional Express flight late last week. According to Rex's release, on a flight from Lismore to Sydney last week the iPhone "started emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow." Yikes, in other words. Rex runs small Saab 340 planes with not a lot of space — here's the SeatGuru layout for that type of plane — so anything emitting dense smoke would be serious panic fuel. Thankfully it's noted that nobody on the plane was harmed during the incident. Regional Express says that it's handed what's left of the phone to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau for analysis. [Regional Express via ZDNet]


    Oh great, here come some more draconian regulations on devices with Lithium Ion batteries...

      Your safety is our number one priority citizen. Now please assume the rectal inspection position so we can ensure the safety of all travellers.

      I thought iPhones used Li-Po batteries... which are actually well known for their combustibility under fault conditions. Any device with Li-Po batteries typically comes with a slew of warnings and disclaimers about charging and usage conditions because they really are just that volitile.

      Remember that issue where kids in China were getting burned by iPods? Same deal. A bit of humidity and they started "achieving their natural state".

    Actually no, what it means is that Apple will need to investigate why it happened and potentially recall millions of iPhone 4 devices.

      serves em right for going after samsung tablets!!!

      Unless there are more cases, I doubt that'll happen. If there's just one it could be a unique accident or something weird the owner did to it.

    As much as I like Apple's design and aesthetic ... besides Sony (or was it Dell) notebooks catching fire some years ago I can't think of the last time it was someone other than Apple whose exploding batteries made the news.

      All of those companies you mention were using Sony manufactured batteries. They were all part of the same bad design/batch.

    Notice the custom back. This is a modded iPhone...
    From Gizmodo US :

      Wow, nice pickup, good eyes there fellah!

        Clearly a bead of water.

          If you 'actually' look at the picture in the link you will see a profile of a face in the logo,.. !!

      Looks the same as my iPhone 4 to me .... unless jailbreaking magically made the logo on the back change :o

      What's modded about it???? It looks like the normal Apple logo to me.

      That's not a custom logo, it just looks slightly different because of where the crack ended up.

      i dont see the difference? looks exactly like my default iphone back? what am i missing?

      You're clutching at straws buddy. I know it's instinctive for you to rush out and deflect blame from Apple, but really?

      Spot on mate. Without following the link it's pretty clear that's the Jobs memorial backing. Great pick up

        It's nothing at all like it actually, all you need to do is see an image of the jobs version, it's pretty obvious that it's simply crack damage.

    Wow one device in millions, that now appears to be modded, umm no recall necessary.

    I fail to see how that logo looks custom? looks like a regular iPhone to me. Anyone wish to elaborate what exactly the mod could be?

      Yeah I don't get it.

        Looks legit to me

      I think he meant that it looks like the custom Apple logo with Steve Job's face instead of the standard bite. If you look carefully it kinda looks like a nose or something... I think it's just the crack though.


      HAD a bomb.
      Now it's just a piece of crap.

      The wag in me wants to say nothing's changed then, but some folk just get to fired up over glib comments like that.

    Meanwhile at Apple HQ:

    CEO: "Who can we sue over this iphone 4 fire?"
    Lawyer: "The airline, the user, and God"

    The press release states it happened after landing too.

    Not modded. Steve's face appears from beyond the grave in ball of fire of back of iPhone. Sell for millions. Profit. Up there with Jesus toast.

      Best. Joke. Yet

    The Steve Jobs 'tribute' logo has a bit more detail, to me, I'm going to go with the crack, not modded.


    Decide for yourself though. :)

      Yep, nice posting. That sort of completely blows the modded back idea out of the water. After comparing the tow only a moron could think they were the same.
      It still doesn't necessarily mean that Apple is at fault here, it's just one case so far. It'll be interesting to see how this develops though. I still suspect that the user did something to cause it.

    oh no. here we go again. batterygate. apple will now be issuing flame resistant cases.

    I had a old school 8250 do that once back in the day turned out a tiny piece of metal swarf infultraed the case then next thing I know flash ive got a rocket in my pocket.

    My iphone 4s got the same problem, what I did is put the phone in my frige. it's pathetic, isn't it?

    I once had a TV catch on fire for no apparent reason... Oh wait, yeah, it had a mouse in it... BBQ mouse doesn't smell as tasty as it sounds.

    Here's the update

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