iiNet Acquires TransACT

It was one of the worst kept secrets of last week, but iiNet's just made it official, announcing that it's entered into an agreement to acquire Canberra-based TransACT for $60 million.

It was heavily tipped that TransACT was keen to sell due to the impending (albeit lengthy) rollout of the NBN, but the official iiNet release plays up more the benefits in selling to businesses that the TransACT acquisition will bring to the company. It quotes CEO Michael Malone as follows:

iiNet’s acquisition of TransACT represents an attractive strategic opportunity to build scale in the ACT market quickly and efficiently. In particular, TransACT’s experienced and passionate management team will allow iiNet to grow its presence in the SME, corporate and government market segments, a key growth area for the Company. We are also excited about the strong existing relationship between TransACT and ActewAGL, the leading utility provider in the region, and the resulting growth opportunities for both companies."

So now there are even fewer ISPs out there. How small will the Australian market get?



    I don't really care how few ISPs there might be so long as monopoly that may arise is not run as anti-customer as the old Telecom Australia or Trujillo's Telstra.

      Indeed indeed!

    I'm genuinely surprised that NBN haven't just bought TransACT.

    A shame though that I had to ditch my 8mb TransACT cable with shitty local ISP's who can't stream HD Youtube for 3mb Telstra ADSL2+.

    TransACT was fkn rubbish, and overpriced because you had to rent an expensive land line from them as a part of the package.

    Hopefully iiNet can clean them up and offer competetive pricing.

      I've jumped ship from TransACT too. I mightn't be getting great speeds from my ADSL2 (Internode) but I'm not getting annoyed by inflexible pricing and crappy offers (until you tell them that you're leaving).

      Hopefully iiNet will drag TransACT into something approaching the current decade for retail consumers and wont just be concentrating on easy money from Government and corporate fish in the Territory

      I think the whole NBN thing is becoming increasingly murky. Not as straight forward as has been presented.

      NBN, rather than buying companies and building their own infrastructure. They are paying other service providers to do it for them.

    I've got cable internet through TransACT (formerly Neighbourhood Cable) in Ballarat and I'm really excited by this news. I'm hoping that I'll soon have access to iiNet's Freezone. This would mean I would use iView more often and even sign up for Quickflix streaming.

    I have transACT Fiber to the home and it is awesome! the best broadband i have ever had bar non and i have had internode, telstra, wizard, optus net and dynamite.

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