IconSettings For iPhone: Like Jailbreak On Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

IconSettings For iPhone: Like Jailbreak On Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

I used to jailbreak my iPhone because stock iOS couldn’t do the things I wanted it to. But then iOS got better and I stopped. But one thing I desperately miss from my jailbreak days is SBSettings. It’s a way to control your iPhone’s settings from your home screen. And now you can (kind of) do the same thing with IconSettings. Without jailbreaking.

What’s it do?

Technically, IconSettings isn’t an app. But I don’t really care because I think it’s absolutely necessary on everyone’s iPhone. If you have an iPhone, start using IconSettings. So what the frack is it? Well, IconSettings is a bookmarklet that can launch specific settings from your iPhone’s homescreen. You just save a pre-made bookmark to your home screen and whenever you tap it, you’ll be brought straight into the specific setting you want. If you tap the Wi-Fi icon, it’ll immediately launch the Wi-Fi settings pane on your iPhone. If you hit brightness, the brightness pane pops up. It’s a quick fast method to change settings without having to jump through so many annoying loops that stock iOS makes you jump through.

Why do we like it?

You save at least two steps with the IconSettings bookmarklet every time you use it. And as I’m always turning on/off Wi-Fi and adjusting brightness, those two steps matter to me! SBSettings is still better than IconSettings but that requires a jailbreak, using IconSettings is seriously as easy as saving a bookmark to your phone. The developer has pretty much every settings tweak you want to make on your iPhone ready for you too: from popular changes like Wi-Fi, brightness, Bluetooth, Autolock and Network to things like VPN, Usage, iCloud, Music and so much more, pretty much every controllable settings on your iPhone can be turned into a launch-able bookmark on your home screen. It’s genius and I love it. Just go here to figure out how to set everything up. [via Engadget]


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