How To Get Facebook's Timeline On Your IPad (Sort Of)

Facebook takes it sweet 'ol time when it comes to the iPad. What it only took forever and a half to get an iPad Facebook app, right? So if you want to enjoy Facebook's new Timeline feature, don't count on Facebook. Instead, download Timelines for Facebook.

Timelines for Facebook is a new app made by the same people behind MyPad (one of those unofficial iPad Facebook apps) and it brings Facebook's super snazzy Timeline feature to your iPad screen. Just download it and you can see your and your friends' timelines. Look at pictures of how they've grown up or how you've grown closer or how you've grown farther apart or whatever it is that happens on your Timeline. The app focuses more of its effort on the Timeline than on other features (for that, you use MyPad) but Timelines works really well on the more intimate screen of the iPad. Pictures are impressive, swiping to navigate makes sense and there's an option to choose whether to navigate through friends randomly (like digitally catching up!).

Timelines also supports multiple accounts and has some pretty sweet looking transitions. If you've been itching to get Timeline on your Facebook, test it out on your iPad for free. [iTunes via GigaOM]

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