Google Axes 6 Unpopular Brands

History is littered with the corpses of failed products — from Edsels and DeLoreans to Zunes and everything on CBS's early season lineup. Google is no different. It's just announced that it's culling six services most people didn't know existed... because nobody actually used them.

With this round of cancellations, Google is putting the kibosh on Bookmarks Lists on December 19, which allowed users to collaborate and share bookmarks; Friend Connect, which allowed webmasters to add social features to easily add social features, is slowly going the way of the buffalo on March 1, 2012; the Google Gears browser extension is getting the Google boot on December 1; the Search Timeline graph is no longer available for user queries; and Google Wave, the collaboration feature whose demise we have known about since last year, will be good and truly dead come January 31; and RE <C, a solar power generation initiative aiming to lower renewable energy production costs will soon be riding into the sunset in favour of investing more than $US850 million in other renewable energy technologies. [Google Blog via TechCrunch]

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