Glowing Slap Bracelets Now Focus On Safety Over Fashion

What originally made slap bracelets a novelty in the early '90s, now makes them an easy to use safety accessory with the addition of a few glowing LEDs and some reflective fabrics.

They were once adorned with neon colours and animal prints, but SlapLit bracelets are now even brighter with a durable reflective nylon wrapping and an internal LED light source that illuminates them along their entire length. Like their predecessors they can be easily slapped on your wrist, arm, ankle, bike frame or anywhere you need some extra illumination, or just left flat and used as a glowing wand or signal beacon. The LED can be set to glow steadily or flash if you really want to stand out, and is good for about 100 hours of use before the coin cell battery needs replacing. And at just $US12 it's a no brainer safety accessory if you prefer biking, jogging or running under the cover of night. [SlapLit via GeekAlerts]

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