Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best Mobile Phone Nominations Now Open

The end of the year is nigh, and that means it's time to sort out what the best products of the year have been. There are few categories that get the Giz Au readership riled up more than mobiles — but which one was best? Did the iPhone 4S satisfy? Or was the RAZR cutting edge? Perhaps you think the HTC EVO 3D deserves the nod? Whatever your choice, nominations are now open. There's only one way to make your choice for mobile of the year known, and that's by getting noisy in the comments below.

We've already opened up nominations for the best laptop; you can have your say on that here.

We'll roll out the rest of the nominations this week, so keep your comments in this article Mobile centric for now, and check back next Monday when voting commences!

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