Best Laptop Of 2011 Gizmodo Award Winners

Best Laptop Of 2011 Gizmodo Award Winners

2011 saw laptops get lighter, faster and generally cheaper. But which laptop was the single best model released in 2011? The winner is…

Reader’s Choice: Apple Macbook Air

With a chunky 34.87% of the vote, the Macbook Air carried the day rather comfortably in the laptop category. The Macbook Pro took second place with 24.5% of the vote, followed up by the Sony Vaio Z with an 18.73% share.

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Editor’s Choice: Apple Macbook Air

This was a tough one for me to weigh up, although I would have easily flipped the Macbook Pro from second place in favour of the Sony Vaio Z, an excellent high powered laptop with some generally good engineering, save for the woeful speakers. Still, you pay a significant premium for the Vaio Z’s power, and that makes the Macbook Air the better buy in my estimation.

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