Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best ADSL/Cable ISP Nominations Now Open

The end of the year is nigh, and that means it's time to sort out what the best products of the year have been. Today's secondary category up for nominations is best ADSL/Cable ISP. Did iiNet's irish approach appeal? Are you part of the Internode pony horde? Or did Telstra's Cable speed blow the opposition away? Whatever your choice, nominations are now open. There's only one way to make your choice for ADSL/Cable ISP of the year known, and that's by getting noisy in the comments below.

We've already opened up nominations for the best laptop and best mobile and best television as well — you're free to nominate as many times as you like.

We'll roll out the rest of the nominations this week, so keep your comments in this article TV centric for now, and check back next Tuesday when ADSL/Cable voting commences!


    Never thought I'd say it, but telstra have won me over. Their twitter/facebook support as well as the guys on crowd support have made their plans way more appealing. Combine that with the fact that someone realised that we don't want to pay an arm and a leg for half decent service and we have a winner...

    iiNet. They have great support when you need it, I found their relocation team to be fantastic and the freezone content is awesome.

    TPG Internet - One word... "Unlimited"

      Amen to TPG Unlimited.

        But is TPG shaped though or something like you can use a certain amount during off peaks? I might be thinking of some other company that promoted unlimited

    TPG (FTW!) - Unlimited, Fast, Great Customer Service.

    iiNet. The best customer service I have ever experienced for a telecom company by far and great products too.

    iiNet. Their customer service is amazing and their plans are well priced.

    iiNet for sure.


    I had TPG, that was terrible, aka everyday at peak night hours.
    I've set up my mum on Telstra, that's not too bad but nothing special.

    Internode on the otherhand, just consistent speed all over and the free usenet access is amazing.

    All of these companies have semi-terrible customer service though but gotta go with the least terrible so internode it is.

    iiNet without a doubt. Excellent customer service and good plans.

    Internode: If you ever need support, you talk to someone who knows how to fix it, and quickly. Stable and Solid, with loads of free content. I have been with Internode for 7+ years now, and they continue to keep me.

    You need more than 150Gb??? TPG rocks.

    Optus running on the HFC netowrk - fantastic service and fantastic customer service. Only outdone by my uni internet for reliability and speed.

    iiNet for sure - 12 years and counting, almost always reliable service and when something does go down the support team are fantastic!

    +1 for iiNet

    DoDo*, for amazingly cheap and unlimited internet with turtle speeds and no customer service.

    *Definitely not a faux vote

    Telstra Cable - lightning-fast, free T-Box, and reasonable pricing for 200GB!

    Internode!!! Have been with them over ten years. And there is a reason for my customer loyalty - thy have repaid in droves with superior service, customer experience, and brilliant product.

    TPG Fast and Great Service

    I'm with TPG. It's nice that it's unlimited. And it's fairly cheap. It's my only ISP since coming to Australia so I don't have much to compare with... But I do find it fairly slow at times.

    Telstra Cable- You can't beat a solid reliable 100/2mbps connection :)

    I like TPG unlimited purely because I go through around 700GB every 2 weeks.. I do see why people like Telstra Ultimate Cable 100mbps but living a street away from the exchange I think TPG wins hands down :)

    adam internet. (adel only)
    stable. reliable. fast.
    ive had tpg, sloptus,hellstra and they suck. tpg are especially crap with their flimsy third world infrastructure.

    Internode - for just solid performance - day in, day out. Really appreciate the benefit of being with somebody who knows how to run a network. And yes, it’s not just about price.

      isn't Internode just iiNet? thought they bought them out

        Nah... Internode's never "sold out" :)

    Definitely iinet. Setup TPG for parents, and apart from the service being terrible, the connection wasn't very stable, or all that fast to be honest.

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