GameChanger Turns Your iPad Into A Closet's Worth Of Games

You can tweak the rules to keep it interesting, but that copy of Monopoly sitting in your closet is always going to be Monopoly. The GameChanger, however, incorporates swappable skins and an iPad running accompanying apps so every game night it can be something completely different.

Instead of just using the iPad as a source for quiz questions or flashy animations, the GameChanger board actually serves as an iPad dock, allowing it to interact with the four included game pieces as they make their way around the board. Out of the box it includes two skins, The Magic School Bus and AnimalMania, with free downloadable apps that provide instructions, trivia, a virtual wheel and even automatic score keeping. But replay value isn't its only advantage. The use of the iPad also eliminates the need for stacks of cards, dice, hotels, tiles and other accessories that can get bumped or even go missing, rendering a traditional board game unplayable. GameChanger's available now for $US80, while additional skins are promised to be released sometime in November. [GameChanger via Engadget]

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