Fujifilm's X-S1 Shoots Far-Off Places

Calling the X-S1 a "new breed of bridge camera", Fujifilm's snapper has a 26x optical zoom lens and the same 2/3-inch 12MP EXR sensor that's used in the retro-styled X10 model.

As you can tell from that picture above, it's the 26x zoom lens that's the real treat here — it has a range of 24 - 624mm and a f/2.8 aperture. That doesn't mean it can't handle close-ups — there's actually a Super Macro Mode for focusing to 1cm closeness.

Movie-shooting functionality is of course included, because a camera's hardly worth its salt if it can't shoot in full HD these days. The X-S1 shoots with stereo sound at 30fps, and as the 3-inch LCD screen is tiltable, users will be able to shoot in "tricky situations". You know what I mean. One thing I like the sound of with this snapper is that the LCD has a daylight mode when shooting outside, taking a leaf from laptops.

On sale in February, the X-S1 will cost £699 in the UK (roughly $1100). While I personally would rather go for a micro four thirds or other interchangeable lens camera, the X-S1 does sound like it could be well-suited for action photographers who don't have to worry about carrying spare lenses. [Fujifilm via Gizmodo UK]



    I still don't understand the market for bridge cameras. They're priced and sized about the same as an SLR, yet still have a tiny sensor like a point & shoot. Seems like the worst of both worlds to me.

      I guess 24-624mm is pretty convenient for someone who doesn't mind giving up shorter depth of field and low light ability.

      Like all niche products, they have their place. It should be remembered, though, that they are *niche* products and intended for a very particular customer. I used to sell cameras like this ("superzoom P&S", but still similar to this) ONLY after I was quite clear with my customers about the limitations of the device.

    2.8 on 624 end ? thats just crazy .... I wonder how well it actually does it

    No, if you look it's f2.8-5.6 meaning at the long end it's only f5.6.

    I bought the S100fs when it was released in 2008 because I was going on a long trip to UK/Europe. No choices have to be made about which lenses to take! I've been generally happy with the results. If you think the small sensor is a limitation, I can show you some lovely results, especially from RAW. I'll seriously consider updating to this one, although it's nearly double the price!

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