Fujifilm's X-S1 Shoots Far-Off Places

Calling the X-S1 a "new breed of bridge camera", Fujifilm's snapper has a 26x optical zoom lens and the same 2/3-inch 12MP EXR sensor that's used in the retro-styled X10 model.

As you can tell from that picture above, it's the 26x zoom lens that's the real treat here — it has a range of 24 - 624mm and a f/2.8 aperture. That doesn't mean it can't handle close-ups — there's actually a Super Macro Mode for focusing to 1cm closeness.

Movie-shooting functionality is of course included, because a camera's hardly worth its salt if it can't shoot in full HD these days. The X-S1 shoots with stereo sound at 30fps, and as the 3-inch LCD screen is tiltable, users will be able to shoot in "tricky situations". You know what I mean. One thing I like the sound of with this snapper is that the LCD has a daylight mode when shooting outside, taking a leaf from laptops.

On sale in February, the X-S1 will cost £699 in the UK (roughly $1100). While I personally would rather go for a micro four thirds or other interchangeable lens camera, the X-S1 does sound like it could be well-suited for action photographers who don't have to worry about carrying spare lenses. [Fujifilm via Gizmodo UK]

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