Foxtel Relaunches Music Channels

Foxtel subscribers more keen to be wired for sound than video can enjoy a rejigged lineup of music channels right now. Music on pay TV has always sounded like a misnomer to me, but it's certainly not a bad thing to have, and it does expand your online music choices. Foxtel's announced that its music channels have been revamped, with four new channels being added, bringing the total number of music channels up to thirty.

The new channels are SOFRESH (yes, they're really all in caps — presumably the music is shouted), DIVAS, KIDS ZONE and FASTERLOUDER.

Foxtel's also taken the opportunity to rejig some existing music channels — too many to list here — and kill off a few in favour of new entrants as well. ROCK has become ROCK CLASSICS, SOUNDTRACKS has been killed in favour of MODERN ROCK and ALT ROCK goes and weeps in the corner, replaced by METALHEADZ.

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