FinePix REAL 3D V3 Photoframe Adds HDMI So You Can Squint At 3D Movies Too

It's hard to get excited over a new digital photo frame, but the addition of HDMI in Fujifilm's FinePix REAL 3D V3 turns it into something more than just a last minute gift idea.

Digital photo frames are usually nothing more than an accessory for a digital camera, making it easier to share photos on their slightly larger screens. And with an SD card slot and 512MB of USB accessible storage for loading content, the REAL 3D V3 certainly fits the bill. But the inclusion of an HDMI port turns it into a compact, 7.2-inch glasses-free 3D display for everything from Blu-ray players, to gaming consoles, to laptops. It will of course play nice with the photos and videos captured with Fujifilm's 3D camera, making it easy to share them in all their 3D glory. But its real appeal lies in its ability to now accept 3D content from nearly any source. It will be available in Japan in mid-November for $US640. [Fuji via Newlaunches]

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