Europe And US Carry Out Joint Cyber Attack ‘Stress Test’

Europe And US Carry Out Joint Cyber Attack ‘Stress Test’

A bunch of cyber security experts from the EU and the US have been messing about with some pretend cyber attack scenarios, making plans for what would happen in the event of a proper, damaging electronic attack.

The roleplay manoeuvres are based around two scenarios — private info being stolen from some of the EU’s security services and dumped online, plus an attack that tries to damage power control systems, and are designed to teach those in control how Europe and the US could help each other when their firewalls are breached by invaders.

They’re probably just playing a big, serious version of Command & Conquer, although with the government doing all it can to prepare the UK for cyber war recently, we’re starting to think it feels an actually damaging e-invasion is imminent.

[BBC via Gizmodo UK]

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