Dreamjet's Artist Printing Kiosk Spits Out Custom Phone Cases

They're never as cheap as online solutions, but there's something to be said for the immediate gratification you get from automated kiosks. And now custom smartphone cases can be added to the list of things you can buy from a machine.

Unveiled at the Korea International Sign & Design Show, Dreamjet's new Artist kiosk lets users order either a leather or silicone case for their smartphone with custom messages, graphics, and even photos. A touchscreen UI makes it easy to add and position text, choose from a library of clip art and images, or import your own photos from a USB drive. Once completed your design is applied with a high resolution inkjet printer, taking about three minutes for a leather case, and just under two minutes for the silicone.

I'm assuming they come out dry and ready to use, but given how small the machine is I have to question the number of case options available. I'm sure it's limited to just the most popular smartphones on the market — at least the most popular ones in Korea that is. [AVING via INewIdea]

Photos: AVING News Network

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