Doctor Who Is 48 Today... Or Is It Tomorrow?

OK, so the character of the Doctor is, according to the series' increasingly confused chronology 1,103 years old. But the TV series first went to air forty-eight years ago today... which is to say, tomorrow. Anyone got a TARDIS I can borrow to sort this out? Two years to go to the big half-century since William Hartnell first took on the role of the Doctor, but if you wanted to be precise, the first episode went to air in the UK at 5:16pm on November 23rd 1963, which would equate to roughly 4:16am tomorrow morning for most of Australia's eastern seaboard. I may just have to set my alarm clock especially.

If you feel like being particularly chronologically challenged, it's worth noting that Australian transmissions didn't commence until Tuesday 12 January 1965 in Perth, so again, technically speaking, Doctor Who won't be 48 in Australia until 2013, when it'll also be 50 years old. And now my head hurts. I think I need a Doctor. [Doctor Who]

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