British Special Forces Will Be In Bunkers During The Olympics

Violent mass attacks are one of the biggest fears of Olympic organisers. Each venue handles security in their own way. So what will London do this summer? Keep main venues surrounded by waterways and a network of underground bunkers for British SAS ops.

According to the UK Sun, SAS forces will be on call in these connected bunkers and in the event of an attack, can take to the waterways via boat.

A secret new riverside base being built for the Who Dares Wins heroes in East London will be home to a fleet of the high-powered rigid inflatables.

It means elite units can speed there "in seconds" using the network of waterways around the Olympic site that make it an island - with no fears about being held up in London's notorious traffic.

Troops will also have the standard weapons fare: assault rifles, flash bangs, sniper rifles, sub-machine guns. And in the event of a dirty bomb, they will also have biohazard suits at the ready. You know, the usual. [The Sun]

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