Apple Must Show Aussie Carrier Contracts To Samsung

Legal wranglings continue in the Apple vs Samsung case. The latest twist? The judge in the case has ruled that Apple's got to show its carrier contracts with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone to Samsung. Justice Annabel Bennet made the ruling, which is in relation to an assertion in Samsung's patent lawsuit against Apple that carriers are obliged by the terms of the contract to subsidise iPhone sales. I'm sure the contracts would make a mix of interesting and incredibly tedious reading -- if you've ever needed to fall asleep, reading every section of your mobile phone contract would do it, and I don't doubt the business agreements are any more dry.

It's noted in the Bloomberg story that Samsung hasn't yet succeeded in getting Apple to hand over the entire source code to the iPhone 4S' firmware; that part of the suit relates to Samsung's assertion that the 4S infringes some of Samsung's wireless transmission patents. Apple has handed over 220 pages of documents, but according to Samsung's lawyer, there's a file missing; the judge has deferred ruling on that part of the case until November 11. [Bloomberg]


    What would they hope to gain from these documents? If they are trying to establish a conflict of intereset with carriers, I don't see how that would make any difference to their case..

    Maybe someone with a better understanding of these issues could come up with a reason for Samsung wanting those...

      Obviously they are looking for anything that will help bolster their claims and/or diminish Apple's "frivolous" claims.

    wait. . . Samsung actually won something. . . against Apple. . .

    Phoenix Wright image suits this post.

    I'm over this Apple this, Samsung that, Motorola this. It's getting childish.

    Oh, hang on... I have two nipples like everyone else! COPYRIGHT! I copyright my nipples. And I sue you all... (including god... if he is there... or any other entity that people with nipples believe in).....

      But can yours lactate? Or will you sue for form not function/

      Don't forget cats have SIX nipples...I'm sure you can extrapolate this further...

        A variation on the nipple copyright? But can you do that? The Galaxy S had a button (hereby known as nipple) as did the iPhone. The iPhone still stated that the Galaxy's nipple had infringed on their own nipple design.

        Ergo, all nipples belong to me. I shoudl be suing Apple and Samsung for infringing my nipples.


    These documents prove that apple was the first to have two nipples therefore they have the copyright!

    Won't this be funny, apple loosing a court case they started

    *shrugs* apparently Jesus had two nipples first, so that knocks your claim down for prior art =P

      so people before Jesus didn't have nipples?


          That certainly would have made chest waxing easier..

            what about saving every friggen day? i wish i didnt have hair on my face :(

        I'm sure Adam didn't care about nipples until Eve came along.

    I so want to patent the letter "E"...

    I have a colleague who manufacturers bandages and she wants to patent the sound "eye pad" :-)

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