Apple Might Have To Stop Selling Products That Use iCloud In Germany

Over in the busy courts of Germany, Apple just suffered a little loss in a preliminary hearing that might snowball into a huge one: iCloud is potentially infringing on patents owned by Motorola. The German courts could order an injunction that'll force Apple to stop selling products that connect to iCloud.

It hasn't happened yet but a court in Mannheim, Germany, held a preliminary hearing about Motorola's patent infringement claim against Apple and they've ruled that it's going to trial. The trial holds serious ramifications for Apple and is currently scheduled for February 3, 2012. The specific patent in question is, according to FOSS Patents, "EP (European Patent) 0847654 (B1) on a 'multiple pager status synchronisation system and method'; this is the European equivalent of US Patent No. 5,754,119." The Motorola patent essentially details how contacts and calendars sync with devices. Motorola says that Apple uses this syncing method in iCloud. And as everything Apple cares about syncs with iCloud, all those products could disappear in Germany because of a future injunction

FOSS Patents asserts that the court in Mannheim, Germany "doesn't appear to buy any of Apple's defences at this stage", so Apple needs to be ready if they want to keep doing business in Germany. Apple has asked the court to order Motorola to give a $US2.7 billion bail if Motorola seeks to enforce the patent (the bail is to give the infringer (Apple) compensation if the ruling is overturned in appeals court later). Either way, this court battle looks like it's shaping up to be a big one in Europe. No word how it'll affect Apple in the US yet. [FOSS Patents]



    Source: FOSS Patents.


    Be good to see Apple lose this big time and MMI should refuse to license the patent just the way Apple does when they think they've beaten a competitor in court.

    now will the Apple fanboys screem foul?

      The Apple fanboys have more fun watching the others scream nonsensical comments on how Apple deserves it and how they hate crapple devices lol

      Anyway connecting to iCloud isn't a hardware feature, so why couldn't Apple just release iOS without iCloud support if it comes to that? These are the same devices who a few months ago were not iCloud devices, so I find it hard to believe they could make Apple stop selling them completely.


    Even though im a iPhone/iCloud user and deplore stupid patents, i think Apple has it coming, and hope they lose (just to put apple in their place, then win on appeal because its a stupid patent, just like a lot of Apples and most other patents in general).

    The other famous Apple company released a song by John Lennon that i find quite fitting to this, "Instant Karma".

    20 or so years ago when Apple started using the trademarked name of an existing music company as their own they promised not to get into the music field. Of course they got in as soon as they could and the litigation began. Apple were in court so often that they even named one of the default sounds in their OS "Sosume" (so sue me).

    Apple have had decades to hone their court room skills and now they seem to enjoy fighting just for the sake of it.

      this apple fanboy is screaming foul

    Is the term fanboy an insult ?
    Seems like every time I read comments in giz we just have a bunch of morons throwing this term around at anyone who's dares to like apple. Oh no please don't call me Fanboy... It's lame, get a life and realize everyone likes different things ...

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