App Of The Day: Google Search For iPad

I like Chrome. In fact it's my browser of choice. I like it so much I wish there was an iOS version. Well, Google has updated its Google Search app so that it looks and feels sort of like Chrome.

What's it do?

The main purpose of the Google Search app is to search and to act as a port to Google's apps. The latest update brings a better UI to the iPad, has instant previews of searches and lets you browse sites side-by-side with the search results.

Why do we like it?

I want to know who worked on this and why didn't they put this much love and attention into the Gmail app for iOS. Answer me!

Anyhow, as a fan of Chrome, I appreciate Google unifying its visual appearance on mobile devices. Tabbed browsing has been added which is good. Apps are still there and launch either the native Google apps you have installed or a mobile browser page of the app. If you're a member of all things Google, you should definitely give it a spin.

Google Search

Download this app for:

The Best

Chrome on your iPad

The Worst

Can't share pages to Google+

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