3D Time-Lapse Is A Beautiful Love-Letter

3D Time-Lapse Is A Beautiful Love-Letter

This video, called “Deus Ex Homine”, is a stereoscopic 3D motion-controlled time-lapse by artist Peter H. Chang. It features some stunning footage of the San Francisco Bay Area and is immersive enough to make me supremely home-sick.

The 1080p, 2D version is above for the benefit of our readers — and is plenty beautiful in its own right — though if you have some 3D glasses handy, head over to YouTube to see it in three glorious dimensions. Just hover over the 3D button, click “Change Viewing Method…” and switch to your 3D mode of choice. Naturally, 1080p is recommended if your computer can handle it at full-screen.

Here’s a little insight into the Peter’s creative process:

Canon 5D Mark II’s were used in both parallel and beamsplitter configurations for true, native stereo capture at 5.6K resolution RAW. The camBLOCK and Dynamic Perception were used for motion control. There were some major technical hurdles with both capture and post, but once we saw the results in 3D, it was well worth it.

Well worth it, indeed. Hardcore Gizmodo readers may remember the typewriter statue from this post back in May. Pretty incredible to see the project come together before your eyes. Peter’s chief collaborator on this was Brad Levin, who’s also been featured on Gizmodo before.

Meanwhile, I’m itching for a Bay Area visit. The only thing this video was missing was the 3D construction of a perfect burrito. Mmmm…