Windows 8 Finally Does Search Right

Searching within Windows, much like tackling the Task Manager, has always one of the most nightmarish components. It was ugly, disorganised and slow. Not anymore. Part of Microsoft's "now Windows is actually pretty great" initiative means making search un-horrible. Finally.

To be fair, the new search looks (and operates) a lot like OS X's Spotlight: instant indexing, suggested results, and file type sorting. But the smoothness with which you can slide from the traditional Windows desktop to the Metro-fied Start Menu is terrific, and gives you a fullscreen look at what's inside your computer, and a fast means of grabbing ahold of it. Settings, movies, programs — all available from one search pane. It's great design, and another part of why I'm excited as hell for Windows 8. Something I never thought I'd write. [MSDN Blog]

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