Wild Apple Prototype MacBook 3G Case Nears Its Quiet, Weird End

The strange tale of the ugly prototype 3G MacBook Pro has seemingly come to an end with Apple returning several of the confiscated parts to the owner in a nondescript FedEx box.

Lest you think that means Apple sent back the most interesting parts of this mysterious machine, I'll have you know right now that they merely returned some of the "custom" components the alleged owner had installed before attempting to sell it all on eBay. The rest have seemingly been swept away into Cupertino's silicon chamber of secrets, never to be seen by mortal eyes ever again.

The eBay seller, Carl Frega, said he procured the computer from an "Apple engineer" on Craigslist. After unsuccessfully attempting to resell the device on Craigslist again, the buyer returned it to Frega when an Apple Genius Bar basically said it wasn't a real Apple computer. The unnamed buyer then took Frega to small claims court for about $US400.

Now Frega is considering an attempt to recoup the losses he incurred in small claims court via legal action against the original seller. Good luck with that.


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