Yes, That Is A Giant Lego Battlestar Bearing Down On You

25kg. 185cm long, 70cm wide and 35cm deep. If I was a little Lego robot in a tiny Cylon ship, I would be cleaning out my metal pants right about now.

This enormous recreation of the Battlestar Berzerk from Battlestar Galactica: Razor has everything going for it, except a practical purpose. It sure is impressive, though.

Inside are supports made from wood and steel to keep the thing from collapsing on itself, but the 25kg weight doesn't include these. For the ultra curious, half-a-billion additional photos can be found here.

It's a little... brighter... than I remember it being in the series. Need to find some Lego Cylons to blast a few holes in it.

Here's a 56-pound Lego model of a Battlestar Galactica ship [DVICE]

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