Who Said Neurology And Fine Art Don’t Mix?

Last year, Marina Abramovic made you cry. Now she's going to analyse the activity in your synapses while making you cry. She's essentially remixed her performance art piece, "The Artist Is Present", this time tossing in a scientific research angle.

The original exhibition featured Abramović staring at visitors for as long as they could bear, which would frequently end in tears. According to The Creator's Project, the new exhibit Measuring the Magic of Mutual Gaze, which is up and running in Moscow, will now try and empirically explain why this happened.

According to The Garage, the data will be archived so that other scientists can study the "magic" that happens when two people share eye contact and the viewing public will be able to observe this activity, to see which areas of the brain are physically stimulated when participants are engaged with each other in thought.

So, who want's to cry in the name of science? [Garage Gallery via Moscow Times via The Creators Project]

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