Who Knew A Decomposing Whale Could Be So Beautiful?

Whales can live for 50-75 years. But did you know that after they die, their decomposing bodies can support a whole community of organisms and other sea life for an additional 50-75 years?

Whale Fall is a short documentary on what happens to the largest mammal on the planet after it dies and sinks to Davy Jones' locker. Created by Sweet Fern Productions for Radiolab, it's not only fascinating on an educational level, but it's also a feast for the eyes through the use of animation, paper cutouts and puppetry.

I loved science growing up, but had the educational videos in biology class looked like this, I may have actually paid attention.

[Whale Fall via Radiolab via BoingBoing]

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    Clever way to teach the topic. If you were to add to this, you should follow up with the next step, the Osedax genus of worms that feed on the bones with the help of symbiotic bacteria. Since discovery of the first two species in 2004, another 16 (+/-) species have been found. The name Osedax means 'bone devourer'. I will post your video to the NB Whaling Museum's blog.

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