Which Aussie ISP Is Most BitTorrent Friendly?

New research shows which ISPs are the worst offenders when it comes to reducing BitTorrent speeds. The best ISP if you're piracy-minded? The answer may surprise you. Delimiter reports on the research undertaken by Measurement Labs which looked at the use of throttling measures for BitTorrent and other file sharing utilities between 2008 and 2010. The research was worldwide; while Australian ISPs weren't the worst offenders, the list of who's ranked where makes for interesting reading.

Coming it at #1 in terms of worst performance was AAPT with 17.7 per cent of tests having some form of throttling. AAPT's now a division of iiNet, which itself came in at #3 with 12.8 per cent, ahead of Optus at 15.2 per cent. Primus and Internode fill out the top five with 8.8 per cent and 7.4 per cent respectively.

In terms of the big players, the winning ISP if you are a fan of torrenting? It's Telstra, with a recorded 6.6 per cent tests reporting throttling. That's particularly fascinating in light of the number of television and movie content deals Telstra has struck in recent years. [Delimiter] Image: Shutterstock/astral232


    Im with iinet, i get around 400-500KBs. i live in a old house and bit far out from the exchange. and seeing as how they fought the courts to not to give up customer details im pretty happy

      They are the only ISP in court, I think they would all fight back. They don't have much of a choice. Hollywood was going to go after Telstra but it's too big (I read that info leaked on wikileaks).

      It's comments like these that really make me want to shake my head in dismay. An ISP protecting pirates from the IP owners is nothing to be proud of. In other legal circles, the protection of an offender is of itself a offence.
      It a sad state of affairs when people commiting crimes are protected under the guise of privacy.

        He says behind his screen name. Do good Do gooder I say.

          An assumed alias is no crime unless used to commit one.
          The ripping of someones IP, however, is. No matter the perps internal dogma.
          So yes, I do "do good" in terms of not doing bad.
          There is no justification for piracy.

            Crowlee is a government shill. He benefits from the thievery that IP laws represent. It is not the consumer that is the thief, it is the MAFIAA music and film industry.

          @Crowknee - It would be ridiculous for an ISP not to defend its customer base!! Its common sense, how on earth would they sell 500GB - Unlimited packages if you couldn't download torrents, no one in their right mind would be able to download 500GB of stuff from I tunes or the like, meaning people would switch to a company that stays loyal,

          Either way they should do anyway morally,

        Crownknee, your comment is incorrect and obviously a little ignorant of Australian law.

        To politely correct you....

        Downloading is not a crime here and most likely never will be.

        Its not that we dont understand and mistakenly think it is harmless.... It is because we truly do not consider downloading for personal use to be a crime.
        Australian copyright law is purely business law and has no relevance to the public in general.

    Bigpond Velocity..... Yeah i'm pretty happy ;)

    So Internode and Telstra both record 6.6% but Telstra is the winner?

      Typo on my part; Internode should have read 7.4 per cent. Fixed now. Thanks.

    I am with internode, and love them!

      +1 on Internode, so far downloading through BitTorrent the fastest speed i have managed to get 1.1mbps download speed which is fast considering my connection isnt the greatest.

    yeah ever since moving with iinet I've never been as happy as what I was with Telstra... My next place I'll be sure to have access to that piece of black gold called Telstra Cable...

    bring on the NBN ....

    With NBN, you will loose torrenting altogether...

    u sure you want to bring it on?

      OK, I'll bite. How come?

        Yoda is pulling it out of his fuzzy green arse. He thinks that the government will block access because they own the NBN. If the government gets pushed around by Hollywood, then it won't matter what ISP or network you use.

          While I agree with you re posterior plucking, he might still be right. I for one am very uncomfortable giving Government that much potential access and control over the web

            They won't blind side us on it. If they try to push it on to us we will see it coming. Eg: the foundation will be the proposed firewall. The NBN won't be the cause. They wanted to put the firewall up before they wanted the NBN, and they would have forced all networks to use it.

              People will find a way around it. People aren't as stupid as the govt. thinks.

            Stop the firewall, save the internet/cheer leader.

      sorry if its a stupid question but how so?

      You what? I'm on NBN and don't have any trouble torrenting whatsoever?

    Alex, you listed them in order of 1, 3, 2, 4 then 5.

    Seriously confusing, I had to re-read that paragraph twice to make sense of it. Or maybe I just struggled with it because it's Friday.

    Torrents? I'm with Internode and use USEnet :)

    No mention of TPG....... Am I missing something here?!

      Not that I use torrents (unblock-us, netflix and hulu plus make it irrelevant to me) but its still something interesting when my ISP isn't even listed. And I'm pretty sure that TPG has more market share than Primus or AAPT.

        I'm with you, ADSL2+ on TPG, i'm 5 doors down from the exchange, I used to think that my PPP was cut during torrenting because I was crushing TPG bandwidth, then i just limited my download speed and everything is gravy. So looks like it was a router issue not TPG.

        Anyways, im with you CraftyNinja, since when is TPG not good enough for research? lol

          Yup, they're too busy adding new nodes and exchanges for ADSL2+ to allow some foreign low-life research firm access to their customer data.
          I'm about 400m from the exchange (actual line length) which means gloriously fast speeds. Although I do have to admit that they're getting slightly slower as they add more and more people to their service.

          Still - my netflix and hulu connections haven't suffered.

        Would unblock-us work with Amazon? More specifically the free e-books they dont send to users outside the USA?

    I have better thing to do in life than worry about what TV shows or movies I can torrent and how fast.

    There's simply nothing out there worth watching, let alone worth all the hassle of trying to torrent the stuff.

    And if there's something I really reaally NUST have, I go buy the damned thing.
    Easiest ... way ... ever

      Presumably one of the the better things you have in life to do is to leave entirely irrelevant comments on blog posts that, as you've pointed out, don't actually hold any interest or relevance for you.

        I reaally NUST agree with you here

    iPrimus.. haven't noticed any throttling? I do it often enough to be noticed I'd say. I get around 11mbps on a good day and my torrents do vary quit a bit but I assume that is the server not the ISP

    Believe it or not, I can get 750 - 850kbbs with dodo - in semi-rural South Australia! (ADSL2+)

    You are all terrorists!

    According to this - http://www.abc.net.au/technology/articles/2011/10/20/3344351.htm

      Good link. Thanks.

    The problem is, P2P tech that is not related to BitTorrent stuff gets flagged and throttled.. then you have to spend a week jumping through hoops to get your ISP to realise the mistake and unrestrict that service.. *sigh*

    Usenet, that's all I'm saying.

    Since when does Internode throttle torrents? Since NEVER. Probably just people who have nfi how to setup their torrent client so that the upstream doesn't limit the downstream.

    Plus, who needs torrents 99% of the time anyway? Usenet is fast and you don't have to upload or worry about ratios.

    been with tpg for quite a whiel...i know they have appaling customer service

    but in terms of speed, i usually could crunch about 800-ish KB for a stable one
    not too shabby, since i experienced the good ol days of 56k :P

      Dunno about appalling customer service - they're usually pretty good with me. But then again, I normally only call up if there's a problem and I KNOW that its something that only they can fix.

      Being a networking techie has its uses

        Anyone who reads this article/site & understands anything here isn't going to call an ISP to receive technical support - we're going to call so we can give -them- technical support...

    Given that Telstra meters uploads I wouldn't think they would rate very highly for torrenting at all? Assuming you are torrenting properly....

    108mbps Telstra cable, regularly torrent @ 10-12 megabytes/sec. Hard to beat for the price.

    The whole report sounds dodgey to me. Seems to me like it was written by someone out of the country who has no idea how differently things work here.

    Australian ISPs sell their product by bandwidth. More correctly, they mostly re-sell various bundles of the same Telstra bandwidth.
    Which stands to reason Telstra rated the best on whatever statistics they were really noticing, as they are the original source of most of the other companies products.

    If they were truly found limiting the top speed of their customers connections they would be defaulting on their contract with the customer.

    ... But of course this was a worldwide survey, and the people who controlled it probably just assumed the system of measurement they use in their own country would work equally well everywhere.

      Australian ISP might buy the access (aka, tail, port, a L2TP service with biz talk) from Telstra and have the choice of different supply options.

      For example you can have the NAS-session terminated onto your LNS/Network and then you supply as much or as little bandwidth.

      The same with supply through Telstra. Sure it costs per mbps however what the real differentiator in the Australian market is how much bandwidth you allocate.

      This known as the contention ratio. Old school used to have business services 1:1 (which means you'd supply 1 mbps for every 1mbps sold) whilst for consumer it was 10:1 (10mbps required : 1mbps supplied).

      These days its blown out. Talk around town (and ones contention is ultra top secret) is TPG and Dodo are hooking thousands of customers to 1mbps of bandwidth.

      All this talk about speed tests is pointless. Any individauls access to bandwidth is dictated by so many factors that the conditions will change all the time. There is no control.

      What the market is need is transparent pricing and bandwidth allocation stats. Like unit pricing that we have in the supermarket.

    You do know that even though people are downloading stuff, these media companies are still making a shitload of cash. The problem for them is that they could be making an even bigger shitload.

    Internode does not throttle traffic of any kind, period.
    The test is flawed.

    I have been with iinet and now with TPG. Used directions at www.portforward.com to forward a random port for torrenting. Have had excellent speeds with both providers. 1MBPS or more for popular torrents.

    What is the differences between downloading movie via your TV recording devices, and downloading movie from internet? It's the same thing. You pay your hard earned money after ATO mafia slashes half of them, to obtain services that allow you to keep movie you want to watch. So why recording movie via recorder devices that you bought from Dicksmith or JBHifi is legal, whilist recording movie via PC that you bought from the same shop is illegal? Because more people watching movie from PC means less people watching movie from tv. Less people watching tv, means those tv companies will have less profit to pay to the ATO Mafia. Simple as that. It's all about money. Do you really think ATO give a crap about movie producers losing money? Don't talk to me about moral issue. The definition of illegal is anything that ATO can not steal your money from. In the next decade when AusPost can not satisfy ATO for their minimum Tax scheme, Using Email will become illegal!

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