What The Heck Is This Crazy Flexible Nokia Phone?

At Nokia World, CNET spotted this batshit crazy flexible Nokia phone. Yes. Flexible. As in it's super bendy and twisty and gooey and freaking awesome. It sort of looks alien but the 'Nokia kinetic device' is real.

Well, sort of real. It's only a concept right now and there are no plans to put it into production but the flexible OLED display is more than just for show. When you twist the phone, it can scroll through music and pictures. CNET also says that "bowing it inward or outward zoomed photos in and out or paused and played music". That obviously sounds like a lot more work than just swiping a screen but flexible controls does give room for... flexible controls (there are more options than just what's on the screen).

When can I buy this, Nokia? Check out the video CNET shot of it in action:




    That is uber counter-intuitive. Still, a nice proof of concept.

      Where do you get that from, Counter-intuitive?? That just makes no sense at all.

      The consept is brilliant. for a sporting nut this is brilliant, especially if they can make it shock resistant!

      Although it would make desiging a hard case a little more difficult :)

    Besides just making the screen more durable, I wonder what useful applications the actual bending motion could have.
    Maybe instead of a vibrate function the phone can bend convex for a message, concave for a missed call.

    One obvious UI usage for bending would be to zoom in and out; bend one way to zoom in, the other to zoom out.

    I hope Nokia patented this like crazy.

      thats what he was doing in the video.. twisting the phone to zoom in/out and navigating menus. although it didnt seem to have touch screen function...

    Bending to zoom in and out just seems like a complete gimmick to me.
    Not sure what other uses that kind of functionality might offer.
    Now, bring me a device I can roll up or fold up from a decent size (say 10" for viewing pleasure) down to a pocketable size and I'll be more interested.

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