What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

The coalition didn’t like technology choices or executive salaries, Primus’ new CEO called for copper to be retained and Optus promises NBN pricing as a pre-Christmas present.

• CEO of Primus Australia isn’t in favour of a one-size-fits-all NBN approach; he’d prefer the option for consumers to stay on copper ADSL lines to remain in place for some time [Computerworld]

• The ACCC got concerned about NBN contracts; specifically the five year length of contracts that NBN resellers (ISPs, in other words) have to undertake with the NBN in order to offer the service. [ZDNet]

• Optus was quoted as saying that while its wholesale price discussions were still ongoing, it expected to be able to offer NBN pricing before Christmas [ZDNet]

• The opposition remains in opposition to the NBN generally — no news there — with Malcolm Turnbull lambasting the government over whether other 100 megabit capable technologies were considered in his blog [ZDNet]

• It wasn’t just Turnbull on the attack, however; Liberal MP for Bradfield Paul Fletcher (a former Optus senior executive) went on the offensive arguing that the NBN was paying its top executives too much, although the exact figures he used appear to be heavily disputed by NBN Co. [ITWire]

• Those keen on knowing if they’re in the next set of NBN build sites can use this interactive map to see where the next planned builds are [Western Advocate]