What Happened With The NBN This Week?

The NBN announced its plans for the next year, Telstra shareholders voted in favour of the NBN deal, and it turns out that NBN plans might not be that expensive after all.

• The NBN named the sites that’ll be next on the NBN rollout plan, amidst accusations that the sites chosen had far more to do with political advantage than network topography. [ITWire, The Age]

• One of the other big hurdles for the NBN to move through passed as expected, with 99% of Telstra’s shareholders agreeing to the $1.1 billion dollar leasing deal. [ZDNet]

• The coalition’s made no secret of the fact that it doesn’t support the NBN. Greens Communications spokesman Scott Ludlam went on the counter-offensive this week, stating that Coalition’s “destructive fantasy” of discontinuing the NBN was becoming more untenable. [ITWire]

• An analysis of NBN plans on a per-GB basis showed that, despite many reports to the contrary, NBN plans are cheaper than the equivalent priced ADSL2+ plans right now. [Gizmodo]