Video: Introducing The Dunder Mifflin-Sabre Pyramid Tablet

We love the Galaxy Tab, and the Amazon Fire is looking good -- but is there anything worse than the generic state of most other Android tablets right now? I mean, yes, death, famine, and Tony Abbott's budgie smugglers, sure. But tablets are just so damn similar...[movie trailer voice] ...until now.

Would Dunder Mifflin-Sabre's Pyramid even be that bad? Sure, viewing photos, videos and the interent in general might take some getting used to resized to a triangle, but the shape would give you easy thumb access to the screen. Watch out, Jeff Bezos. [All Things D]


    Samsung should call dips before Apple patent Triangle.

    I really want a circle shape. I REALLY, really want a circle shape. >_<

    Surely it would work better the other way around (point down)? Holding it that way would require both elbows out. Dunder Muffin also need to learn the difference between a pyramid and a triangle.

    Rounded edges, minimalistic design. IPAD!!!

    When every video or picture on the internet is a rectangle shape, this could be the dumbest thing ever. Talk about not using the real estate of the screen and leaving large useless triangles in the corners when watching a video. Useablity or no, this is dumb and will fail.

      Someone doesn't realize "The Office" is a comedy TV series.

    Oh shit haha, I knew I recognised that dude from somewhere..... although I never watch the Office, the face sure is familiar as is the name of the company.

    Consider me red-faced right now LOL

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