Week Two: The Persecution of Rommy Gulla Continues

Week Two: The Persecution of Rommy Gulla Continues

Featuring the new Panasonic BWT800 3D Blu-Ray Recorder (and ever so slightly annoyed Rommy)

In case you haven’t heard, the incredibly clever people at Panasonic have brought out a fancy new 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder with massive 1 Terabyte hard drive. A hard drive so huge it can store a gargantuan 28 days (or 684 hours) of high-def recording and playback (In HM mode only). And to demonstrate just how long 28 days really can be, they’re making the next 28 days of a young bloke called Rommy Gulla’s life, the longest, most annoying 28 days he’ll ever experience.

That said, it’s now week two and we’re delighted to announce that Rommy’s survived pretty much intact.

He’s been rudely awoken by a hyped up gun welding SWAT team, blasted with a storm of yellow dust in his car, and electrocuted mercilessly! All this and he’s only a quarter the way through, poor bugger.

So what’s in store for Rommy in the week to come? Well maybe you can help answer that.

Visit facebook.com/Panasonic or the Panasonic website, check out the New BWT800, then make a suggestion as to how you’d make the next 28 days the longest most annoying 28 days of Rommy Gulla’s life. If your dastardly devious idea is good enough, it’ll not only be endured in real life by poor young Rommy, but you might even stand a chance of winning some super duper top notch Panasonic prizes.