Watch These People Snowboard Down Giganto Mountains

Winter is over and done with for the year, but next year it'll happen all over again. It'll eventually get cold, it'll eventually start snowing in some places, and there it'll be snowboarding season once again. To get a little taste, watch these guys snowboard down gigantically scary mountains. I will never be this cool.

The clip is actually a trailer for "This is My Winter" which features Xavier De Le Rue, a French Snowboarder, along with Mathieu Crepel, Andreas Fransson and Samuel Anthamatten. They climb mountains and hit near vertical slopes just to risk their life and snowboard and then do it all over again, the dedication is absolutely inspiring.

If you love the mountains, the snow, or the winter, you'll probably want to watch this movie. They went all around Europe armed with helmet cams and helicopter shots — This Is My Winter will be shown online sometime in mid November. [Vimeo via Hypebeast]

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