Watch A $US2.5m Yacht Sink On Her Maiden Voyage

Since China has a ton of people making a ton of money these days, they're just spending it wildly. Like buying $US2.5 million yachts that don't work. As the yacht was entering the water for the first time, it started sinking and eventually capsized.

SS Jiugang, the sinking boat's name, was supposed to embark on its maiden voyage in the Yellow River near Lanzhou, China. She never made it. Supposedly, the ship's accident was "due to improper handling from the builders who mistakenly estimated the water level causing the water level to exceed the limit, leading to the rear half of the ship to take on water and sink." Thankfully, no one was injured or killed and only a few suffered from a severe case of buyer's remorse.

Workers somehow got the sinking ship out of the water and are now making the proper repairs so it can cruise the waters instead of chilling at the bottom of the sea. Good idea. [China Smack via The Daily What]



      lol posted at the same time great minds think alike!

        Dumbarses can also think alike. In fact it's far more common

          and with a name like that do we need to say more! GFYS!!!


    and we import their cars?

      Yes. I believe the most recent arrival got a 2 star ANCAP rating.

    That's not really a yacht

    jesus, these people bagging on the boat, when it was clearly because they decided to put it in at low tide.

    Well that and the sides are really low for some reason.

    well......I am surprised it didn't blow up.

    We all live in a yellow (river) submarine.

    Check out how shallow the draft is. No wonder boats and ferries keep capsizing overseas.

    if your going to spend 2.5mill on a stupid boat like that you should be able to afford to get Professionals to put it in (and hopefuly afford insurance $_$)

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