Wanna Boost Your Wireless Network By... 2.4km?

Oh, first world problems! Of all your dreadful variants, the Wi-Fi Dead Zone has to be among the worst — how am I going to finish streaming this movie now? If only my wireless network stretched for miles. It can.

Or at least Amped Wireless says it can, with their new SR600EX Pro Smart Repeater, boasting a 600mW they say pushes your range up by 1.5 miles (2.4km). So, yeah, you should be able to hit that corner of the kitchen that's usually down to one bar.

But, more importantly, the Amped repeater could turn your entire neighbourhood into a wireless hotspot. Think about it: stick the repeater in your apartment. If it works as advertised (an if we haven't been able to check yet, mind you), you'll now have sweet, golden radio spectrum dripping down you chin all over the place. At the park. Outside. On the footpath. In your favourite cafes and bars. You can get work done in a whole new slew of places with the same security you'd have at home. Not bad at all for $US180. [Amped via Engadget]

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