Virgin's Pick And Mix Plans: Are They Sweet?

Virgin's announced new plans with an element of self-tailored usage, whether your needs are for heavy texts or heavy data usage. The "Pick & Mix" plans offer a base level of $19 (depending on whether you're bundling a phone or just going for a SIM-only contract) for a relatively meagre $19 worth of call credit and 100MB of data. So far, so ordinary. Add some funds into the account on a month by month basis and they can be mixed up a little more, as per below.

There's the potential for some reasonable value there — a $29 plan with 2GB of data isn't to be sneezed at, for example — but it strikes me that, rather like pick and mix lollies, if you wanted a lot you could end up spending a lot more than you originally planned for, and a more complete yet fixed contract might be better value. [Virgin Mobile]

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