Viewsonic's Tablet Combines Windows 7 And Android

But will it be a marriage made in heaven, or a marriage of inconvenience? Viewsonic's previous tablets haven't been the best; can the ViewPad 10pro redeem it? Viewsonic will sell two models of the Viewpad 10pro at $899 and $849 respectively, but the only difference there is in which version of Windows 7 you want; the cheaper model uses Home Premium while the more expensive one runs Professional.

Either way, the key selling point of the tablet is that (so Viewsonic claims) it'll allow for switching between Windows 7 and Android at "the flick of a button". Android in this case isn't Honeycomb, but simply Android 2.2 ("Froyo"), which is, frankly, getting a little long in the tooth. To keep Windows 7 compatibility feasible, the whole thing runs on an Intel Oak Trail Atom Z760 1.5GHz processor; that's not the fastest critter, so it'll be interesting to see how well this tablet runs. [Viewsonic]

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