Vibrating Face Gadget Claims To Banish Under Eye Bags

Eye bags. No one likes them. And no one gets enough sleep. So everyone has them.

But no one wants them! If tea bags, cucumber slices, the back of an ice-cold spoon, or Preparation H (yes I've tried them all) aren't working for you, a Japanese company says they have the solution: the Eye Slack Haruka. It vibrates.

This four-page article at Web MD on the causes and treatments for eye bags makes no mention of vibration. The device apparently also employs heat, which is strange because nearly every treatment I've heard of involves cold.

But there are several new-fangled approaches that involve microcurrent vibration as well as some you can buy to use at home. But I can't find studies that have shown these treatments work or how long the effects might last.

The thing costs $US132, so try at your own risk. But DO let me know if it works.

Much cheaper approaches: stay hydrated, exercise, don't eat too much salt (that can make you retain water which can lead to puffiness), and, of course, get enough sleep. [Ubergizmo]

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