Turn Your Micro Four Thirds Camera Into A Lo-Fi Monster

We totally dig micro four thirds gear — it's compact, shoots killer pics, and more often than not sports some neat progressive design. But what if you don't want DSLRish quality? What about the opposite? Let's take some warped masterpieces.

It may look like a toy, but Photojojo's Micro Four Thirds lo-fi transformer sports a nice glass lens, manual controls and a design that'll stick plenty of blur, vignetting and tilt-shifty quirk into your snaps. And, of course, it's compatible with any micro four thirds camera. It's funny how we keep reaching backwards as our photographic gear sprints in the other direction. No matter how advanced we get, we still like the option to be crappy and low-resolution. It's comforting. And this iteration is only $US90. [Photojojo]

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