Toshiba Laptops: Shiny But Deadly?

There's a word for this story, and that word is "ouch". A New Zealander is seeking compensation from Toshiba after a spike of metal flew out of his laptop and impaled his hand. The New Zealand Herald reports on the story, which involves a Toshiba laptop and a chap called William Warner. Mr Warner placed a DVD in the drive tray and closed it, at which point (as per his allegation)

a sharp piece of metal shot out of the drawer and pierced his right palm.

To get informal for a second here, Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. There is a picture of the wound on the New Zealand Herald site, and it's not pretty viewing. Mr Warner is seeking compensation from Toshiba; the company initially only offered him a replacement laptop. Thanks to Chris for the tip-off on this story... I think. [New Zealand Herald]

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