TieSight Instructs You In The Art Of Constructing Cravats

Can't tell a Half-Windsor from a Full-Nelson? Doesn't matter -- this new Mac App will show you how to properly knot a silk strangler.

The TieSight Mac App uses a computer's camera to track your hand and tie movements as it instructs you on the proper technique for one of 10 common knot styles. It displays a mirrored image onscreen and overlays that image with diagrams and instructions to guide even the most slippery of butter-fingers through the tying process. Also, since you'll likely need both of your hands, TieSight can also be controlled through noise recognition -- a cough, a word, etc -- to advance the steps.

Not bad for a program that costs all of one dollar at the Mac App Store. [TieSight via Curiosity Counts]