This Safe Has Its Own iPod Dock

Say that you're fabulously rich. I sometimes wish I could. But say that you were, and you were after a safe for your cigars, watches and priceless issues of Howard The Duck. Sure, you'd have some choice... but wouldn't you like a safe that can also play back music from your iPhone? Born Rich reports on the Buben & Zorweg Titan watch safe, a high end, high cost (in the best "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" clichéd style) security container with the lot. You get hidden humidifier compartments. You get what's described as an MP3 player dock, but looks suspiciously like an iPod dock, although I can't see a "Made For iPod" logo on it anywhere. Within, there are general compartments as well as space for storing up to 36 watches. How many wrists do rich folk have, exactly? [Buben & Zorweg via Born Rich]

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