This Safe Has Its Own iPod Dock

Say that you're fabulously rich. I sometimes wish I could. But say that you were, and you were after a safe for your cigars, watches and priceless issues of Howard The Duck. Sure, you'd have some choice... but wouldn't you like a safe that can also play back music from your iPhone? Born Rich reports on the Buben & Zorweg Titan watch safe, a high end, high cost (in the best "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" clich├ęd style) security container with the lot. You get hidden humidifier compartments. You get what's described as an MP3 player dock, but looks suspiciously like an iPod dock, although I can't see a "Made For iPod" logo on it anywhere. Within, there are general compartments as well as space for storing up to 36 watches. How many wrists do rich folk have, exactly? [Buben & Zorweg via Born Rich]