Thief Uses Railroad Crane To Steal Jeep

If you're going to go through the trouble of stealing a car — a highly illegal and dangerous endeavour! — it would probably be worth it to not crunch it to death with a crane as you make off with it. But then, I'm not a professional car thief, so what do I know?

Early Sunday morning, some imaginative young thief in LaPorte, Indiana, drove onto a small car dealership lot with a flatbed truck and used an attached crane pick up a 2008 Jeep Wrangler and drive off with it. The lift (oh god kill me) took about six minutes, but the owner of the dealership said that picking up a car with a crane isn't really the best idea. (Duh.) It probably smashed out the windows, punctured the doors, and damaged the frame. And even better? There's security cam footage:

It also bears asking: If you're going to basically total a car as you steal it, why go through the trouble of stealing a new car? Wouldn't just any old car off a street suffice? Anyway, the car still hasn't been found, but police have arrested a suspect.

[FOX Chicago via Drudge]

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