Pictures Show How Good New Photoshop Deblurring Can Be

Pictures Show How Good New Photoshop Deblurring Can Be

Our brains melted when Adobe demoed their upcoming blurry picture killer in Photoshop. Wha!? No more blurry pics? Is that possible? Is this real life? YES. Here are a few examples — including the most famous blurry picture — of the upcoming deblurring tool working its magic.

The newly deblurred photos are being shown off by Jue Wang (the guy who demoed the deblurring feature) and he’s soliciting images to test Photoshop’s new tool with. Remember, the deblurring tool only kills camera shake — they can’t yet deal with motion blur or defocus blur. Also, their research on deblurring is ongoing so it’s very possible that new techniques will allow for even better deblurring. Which is crazy, as it’s already out of this freaking world. Creating reality out of thin air. Anyways! On to the examples. [ via PetaPixel]

The original picture was captured by Robert Capa and it’s probably the most famous blurry picture ever — it is a snapshot of D-Day, after all. Wang says that the image makes for a great ‘extreme’ test because the picture quality is so poor. He goes on to talk about the new non-blurry image:

It recovers some details that you won’t be able to see easily in the original. Of course the noise gets boosted somehow, we applied a small amount of noise removal on the output, but maybe a decent denoising algorithm can help here.

How the deblurring tool works is that Photoshop measures the “blur kernel” which tracks how much the camera moved while taking the picture. In this picture’s case, the blur kernel shows the camera moving 55 pixels long. According to Wang:

[That]means to recover a single pixel, we have to consider at least 55 pixel nearby (in practice far more than that).

This deblurring thing is just amazing.

Awesome. Read more about Wang, learn more about the upcoming Photoshop Deblurring Tool and see more pictures of it in action here.